Down and Dirty with Chrome Developer Tools



  1. Resume script execution - F8
  2. Step over to the nex function call - F10
  3. Step into the next function call - F11
  4. Step out of the current function scope - shift + F11
  5. Deactivate all breakpoints.
  6. Pause on exceptions - very useful for inspecting the context of application errors.
  7. Watch Expressions - expressions that will be continuously evaluated as you step through the application.
  8. Call stack - View and navigate to frames in the call stack. Can evaluate expressions and inspect the context of other frames.
  9. Scope Variables - inspect variables within the current context.
  10. Breakpoints - a list of all current breakpoints in the application. Enable/disable them through the checkbox.
  11. Click a line to add or remove a breakpoint.
  12. The currently executing line.

Note: If you want to asyncronously proceed to a specific line of code, right click that line and select Continue to Here.